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NFT as a tool of crooks ?

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Few days ago I found a very interesting article on French (for those who read french on new fraud practices hitting the NFT world, specially the one of digital art. Artists see themselves steal their artwork and consequently resold by crooks as NFTs through some of the NFT platforms.

In reality there was not a question if something like will arrive, the question was WHEN ! Yes it is very said when new promising technology is used for wrong purposes. But, it is JUST a technology. Behind it is always a human that may control or limit the wrongdoing attempts.

We in Artemidae are fully aware of risks that virtual NFT world represents for arts world, and takes all needed steps to provide as high security guarantees as the current legislation allows. We believe that a reasonable level of self regulation on the level of NFT providers, marketplaces may efficiently limit these drifts.

On the other side all art industry players may put their contribution. The artists may counter attack by registering their artworks on trusted platforms like Artemidae, where the identity of author (NFT creator) is verified, the markets, exhibitions, by screening incoming NFTs for inconsistencies, and finally the collectors that will put more interest on the provenance of collectible they buy.

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