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Black Bust Sculpture

Who is Artemidae for?

Artemidae provides adapted solution for any artist and fine art lover. We provide 3 series of solutions that fit any needs from amateurs to ultra high value masterpiece creators.

Why I should use Artemidae?

Artemidae uses the most advanced technologies to identify and protect your artwork. Artemidae may be used to certify provenance of a simple gift to a friend, to trade and secure the masterpieces.

Can I fight against fakes?

YES, If the artwork is registered by the artist, the Artemidae verification gives a proof of provenance of the artwork.
In the case of registration of an existing artwork, the provenance is tracked from the owner at the registration moment.

What do I need to use Artimedae?

To use Artemidae one should purchase sensor sticks (patches) and a scanner device, and to have a smartphone.

Are QR code or RF ID, are they enough?

QR code or RF ID represent artwork related metadata signed by author's private key. The main drawback of them is that they do not protect against counterfeiting. Anybody who copies the artwork, may simply copy the QR code/RF ID also. In consequence, the original and copied artworks will provide correct digital signatures, and will be non-differenciable. For more details, see our technology page

Will you replace Art Authenticators?

No, never ! In contrary, we want to give them a powerful tool that will provide a detailed artwork history, and helping them in their decisions.

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