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What is artist's profit ?

With Artemidae NFTs, an artist profit from numerous advantages:

Today's art markets, suffer from bad reputation, as they are considered as non-transparent, often supporting money-laundering and other financial crime. This situation considerably worsened with appearing of digital art NFT markets that filled with scandals of stolen art, fakes, and other deviations, a number of newspapers and Internet blogs. All this situation harms the whole fine art industry, specially the artists.


Artemidae targets this situation, and provides tools to improve the situation, trust, transparency, while introducing huge advantages of crypto trading.

- Trust & transparency: The security features of our NFT allows artists to establish the originality trace of their artwork, providing authenticity proofs, trade and exposition history. These considerably enhance the trust of galleries and collectors in displaying or purchase of the artwork.

- Authenticity: a revolutionary smart sensor technology used by Artemidae allows highly secure and reliable 1 - to - 1 matching between physical artwork and the digital NFT. This allows to build a full track record of the artwork, but also to secure transactions and artwork transport (protection against replacing original by fake).

- Trade simplification: Artemidae NFT provide new sale channels with global outreach considerably, increasing the artwork visibility, therefore the demand and finally the price. It allows access to online marketplaces, galleries and auction houses.


- New business models: Trust transparency and security allows a number of novel business models like partial ownership.


Artist willing to use Artemidae NFT, needs to pass several steps. 

1) Registration on Artemidae portal. Transparency is our ultimate goal, therefore the artists needs to be transparent also. We want to avoid "anonymous sales", therefore during the registration the artist will be asked to provide basic information like name and address. All sales to a given artist will be set to the registered address.

2) Install ArtemidaeNFT application on their smartphone.

3) Order a "starting kit" with Artemidae sensors and the scanner device.

4) Pair scanner device with the Artemidae account

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