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Art Showcase

Security, authenticity of the physical art is an issue from the beginning of times. Plagiators, counterfeiters, try to profit from confusion and by selling counterfeit artwork harm as artists, also the buyers/collectors.

We'll show why our solution is better.

Currently, there are two main tendencies in blockchain based physical artwork protection:

  • On artwork chip,

  • AI based.

The first category includes QR code and NFC chip based protection. ArtemidaeNFT belongs to this category with one difference that makes it highly superior to rest of this category. The main vulnerability of solutions in this category is the possibility to copy the sensor. In the case of QR Code it is evident and not necessary to detail. The case of NFT chips is more complex, but today exist electronic techniques that allow so-called "reverse engineer" any electronic device/chip and reproduce it as identical.

One of the feature of ArtemidaeNFT is, that the sensor is non-reproducible. The key point is that the sensor is not a digital device, but it is based on a special category of magnetic materials, that cannot be reproduced as identical. With scientific background one may prove that the return code of the Artemidae sensor depends on a multitude of chemical and physical parameters (sensor composition, magnetic and mechanic properties, etc.) that in production process cannot be 100% reproduced and therefore in real conditions it is impossible to reproduce the Artemidae sensor.

Why the non-reproducibility of sensor is so important. At the moment when sensor may be reproduced, it may be placed on the counterfeit object, with the result of impossibility to distinguish between the original and counterfeit artwork.

The second and last category are the AI based solutions, that extend the historical approach of fine art expertise based on known painting techniques of the artist, but the complexity of this approach doesn't make it applicable for the general global use. As well, it is unusable with new emerging artists as the learning data doesn't exist.

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