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ArtemidaeNFT in crypto winter ?

Crash ! Crypto winter ! In the last days, we can hear, and read many alarmist posts on the drastic devalorization of main cryptocurrencies. Certain started already to ask themselves about the future of cryptocurrency, NFT and WEB3 and generally the crypto industry.

There is a generalized confusion on the relation of blockchain technology to cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Many people put equal mark between blockchain and cryptocurrency, or cryptocurrency and NFT, that is not necessarily correct. The reality is that blockchain/NFT are only technology enablers for applications like cryptocurrencies or NFTs.

How the "crypto winter" affects NFT world in general? Does the era of NFTs is going to decline? The answer needs a deeper analysis. Few days ago I read a post where the author said that NFT to be sustainable, should bring the utility to the value of the artwork itself. In this logic, we may see the possible downturn of certain NFTs of overpriced digital art-works, on the other hand, the high added value NFTs will continue to strengthen their position in the crypto ecosystem.

To answer the question in the title of this blog, ArtemidaeNFT is a NFT with very high added value, as their main goal is to represent the physical artwork, to catalyze the artwork sales, but also to protect the artists, galleries and collectors. The impact of the current situation on the crypto market will not affect NFTs like ArtemidaeNFT.

ArtemidaeNFTs are currency and platform-agnostic. They may be minted on number of different blockchain/DLT platforms, and base their value as on FIAT, also on cryptocurrencies. Therefore, clients, artists and collectors, of Artemidae may be assured that the value and the service will not be affected by turmoil in the crypto space.

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