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Meet our friends: Michael Gavrieli

As promised, in this period we’ll present people, that listened to us and supported us either with their feedback or morally. Both are for us extremely valuable, and we’re infinitely grateful, as we also traversed periods of doubts and their trust in our solution gave us a huge motivation to continue. We strongly believe that our product will not deceive their confidence.

The first of these persons is a wonderful artist, Michael Gavrieli, whose works impress me, they breathe an endless source of energy, creativity. He is not afraid to plunge into the unknown, he has a great talent for combining his talents with his passion. Recently, his Gold Art collection has been valued to 1,000,000 EUR

When we approached him with our project Artemidae, he was thrilled by the idea. He immediately understood that Artemidae if successful, brings security and transparency but also serves to create new business opportunities for the market, by increasing the trust and sales potential of artworks.

Thank you, Michael !

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