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Dear friends, followers, contacts

It is three months that we announced the imminent public launch of our service this summer. Today, you surely understood, that the announced launch did not happen and that the whole Artemidae team owes you, not only a huge excuse, but definitely an explanation and a sound vision to the future. We do not wish to hide behind empty excuses one could invent. There are two reasons for delays in our planning. The first is related to semiconductor scarcity that exist from the end of covid. Generally was believed that the market will start to recover in the second half '22, but the opposite is true. The most ironic is that although we created necessary stocks of essential components, we got caught on much more standard components whose outage we did not expect. The second reason is the funding. In parallel to product development, we work very hard on raising funds for this final, very important period. Unfortunately, we face an unbelievable number of people scamming and trying to profit from us. This costs us an additional time that could be used for preparation of the launch. Possibly you now ask if it is worth to stay with us, and if Artemidae's future is not compromised. We do our absolute maximum to raise funds from serious investors. We are also taking every possible measure to speed up the final phase before we launch publicly, and one of the ways we're doing that is by drawing even more from our personal funds. We sincerely hope that you'll understand, and that you'll stay with us. Your support is absolutely essential for us, and we're grateful for it. Artemidae Team

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