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Artemidae private beta is here !!!

Today is a very special day. We reached the very important milestone that opens us the new phase leading us to our final goal, the market entry the end of the year.

We're hugely grateful for wide support we received in last weeks that allowed us to continue our effort and without which achieving this stage would not be possible.

What this private beta stage means for us ? It is a reward for our effort, the proof that the project is strong. It is also a big thanks, but also the obligation towards our community that supported us to make Artemidae the business reality.

What's next ? Although it is a very important achievement, there is still a route in front of us. The private beta opens a way to our "Artemidae Beta" program, that will be announced soon, opening the platform to early adopters, and later for anybody willing to get a grasp of Artemidae platform.

We're very excited to enter this new development phase.

Your Artemidae team

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