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Artemidae achieves its ultimate milestone

After a long period of a silence, we're coming back with great news. We achieved almost all technology milestones with a big success. Therefore, we decided to announce the launch of the public beta production for the summer this year. It is the ultimate achievement of the whole of our team towards a public production launch of our service.

There is still some way to go, today to successfully launch the public beta, and later, to keep our promise to the whole fine-art community by providing them a secure, transparent and reliable service. We integrate with NFT marketplaces, wallets and galleries to provide the community the best service.

In next weeks, we'll follow with a series of blogs introducing our long term supporters, as well as more information on the public beta organization.

Finally, we wish to thank everybody, our supporters, and followers for their patience in the last months, but also everybody who accepted to talk with us about the project giving their feedbacks, proposals, critics, allowing us to improve. Thanks to them, we built a service tailored for the physical fine arts community.

Thanks All !!!

The Artemidae Team

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